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We are a team of designers, researchers, strategists, futurists and organisers reimagining the experiences Black communities have of life and society.


In the seeking out of kinship. 

In the moving towards aligning our work with ourselves.

In the pushing of boundaries of what we know to be true about ourselves and the world.

Rooted tends to find us in these formative moments in life. 


Join us in doing meaningful work, grounded in collective joy, that challenges you to grow.



Our work truly interacts with and impacts the lives of our mothers, our brothers, our daughters, our kin. A chance for our stories to be heard and held and our futures to be ours.


Connected by our shared mission for abundant Black Futures, our work culture is grounded in joy, creativity and a deep care for our work and one another.


A start-up existing at the intersection of industries creates unique opportunities to challenge the way things are done – and yourself in the process.

Our values

Across our work and our culture, we seek to move with intention and ground our decisions and direction in a set of values that feel important to who we are and where we want to go.

Intentional Leadership

We aim to be and unlock pioneering leadership, recognising that new paths and approaches must be forged to reach alternative futures. 

Radically Generative

Time is of an essence when it comes to addressing inequalities, our work must make real and meaningful steps forward. 

Reparative Honesty

If we are to truly see change, we need to be honest about what needs to change, and what it will take.

Creative Confidence

Creativity is a way to unlock our imagination and social dreaming, it supports us to see possibilities beyond our constraints.

Consistent Care

Taking care in our work, but also taking care of ourselves and each other will make sure we don’t see progress at our expense, or communities. 


Check out our active job openings below.  


Even if you don’t see a role here that fits you, we are always interested to connect with those that align with our mission and values and feel compelled to contribute to it in some way. If that’s you, feel free to reach out to us via the email address below.

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