Creating spaces for black designers to connect, increase our social impact and be inspired

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Rooted by Design

Our why

We are a community of Black designers and problem solvers, deeply concerned by the disproportionate and structural inequalities UK Black communities experience.

  • We believe Black Designers have a significant role in creating the change our communities need.
  • We believe in order to address inequalities, we must design more and differently.
  • We believe Design is political and requires activism from Designers.
  • We believe Black Designers and communities have something to contribute to the role of design practice, creating equitable and inclusive society.

Our mission

Our mission is to grow our collective impact and influence of Designers, pushing the boundaries of what it means to design an equitable future, where UK Black communities get the support, services and solutions they need.

Our how

Working on the projects that matter to us, creating opportunities to work on problems together, developing our practice and skills in the process.

Amplifying our collective voice and leading the discussion on what 'good design' with Black communities looks like; influencing, contributing to and challenging the wider design community.

Creating safe spaces for Designers to connect and learn, exploring in critical discussion design, activism and change, growing our confidence to be advocates of change and equity wherever we are.

Building our craft, amplifying our voice and working on the problems that matter to us.

Why we exist

There is an urgent need for spaces, new narratives, perspective and challenge. We believe design practice can play an important role in tackling these issues and that black designers and communities have something to contribute to design.

Mental Health

Black people are over-represented by 3 times in the acute end of mental health services


Black Caribbeans have rates of permanent exclusion about three times that of the pupil population as a whole


Black people are twice as likely to be unemployed

Criminal justice

Rates of prosecution and sentencing for Black people were three times higher than for White people

Our core team

Julian Thompson
Service Designer & Strategist
Nefertiti Alfa
Service Designer
Ashley Evans
Service & Visual Designer
Courtney Mclean
Creative & Experience Designer
Lola Oyelayo

Join our community

We would love to hear from you if you’re a black designer or social problem solver, interested in using and developing your skills to achieve social impact and change for black communities.

I would love to:


If you’re an organisation interested in working with a dynamic group of designers to ask new questions about design and inequalities, please get in touch.